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Programming Biology

for clean bio-manufacturing

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An Integrated

Bio-Manufacturing Platform

We develop high-flux platform strains and fermentation processes for microbial production of high-performing industrial compounds.


What We Do

We program and build biological systems to enable clean and efficient bio-manufacturing.

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Enzyme Engineering

  • Enzymes with high regio- and stereo-selectivity can be evolved. 

  • Enzymes with high catalytic activity can efficiently reduce COGS.  

  • Enzymes with high stability can tolerate harsh industrial conditions.

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Strain Engineering

  • Strains with balanced pathway flux can eliminate bottlenecks and accumulation of intermediates. 

  • Manipulation of the cofactor pool or recycling can increase the productivity of processes. 

  • Key-Lock genetic circuit can maintain strain stability and robustness during industrial production.

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Process Engineering and Scale-Up

  • A high-precision fermentation pipeline as our basis for reliable fermentation process development.

  • Data from downstream purification feeds back to enzyme and strain engineering research.

  • Pilot-scale manufacturing simulates industrial-scale manufacturing and allows production of small batches of products for regulatory testing.

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Inspired by Nature,

Improved by Bota

Bota is inspired by Nature. We harness the power of nature to deliver clean and efficient solutions using sustainable resources.

Aerial Pine Trees

Integrated multi-scale

bio-manufacturing system

We leverage state-of-the-art platforms, including an AI-enabled suite of applications. We can rapidly deliver high-performing production-ready strains and enzymes using our proprietary "Bota Freeway" infrastructure.

from concept to scale-up

We built a framework based on the design-build-test-learn cycle. This system is now in production and enables us to work on a wide range of microbes and complete work from DNA assembly to fermentation scale-up.


Improved experiment
powered by AI/Machine Learning

We integrate machine learning and data analytics techniques to accelerate strain improvements and achieve scale effects in experiment design.

Partner With Us

We partner with innovative companies to collaboratively develop and bring sustainably engineered products to market. We engage with partners from concepts to commercialization and support continuous improvement.

Contact us to learn more about our bio-manufacturing strategies and partnerships.

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We Are Hiring!

We are a team of engineers, biologists, chemists, and industry professionals with a passion and love for bio-manufacturing. Our mission is to enable efficient and clean bio-manufacturing via biological programming and deliver novel products from sustainable resources.

If you find our science and mission exciting, please check our job opportunities and join our talent network.

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